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"In Australia we were talking real-life scenarios. We learnt to diagnose actual pathogens using full-scale laboratories. I was in the lab day and night developing sero-diagnostic kits for real diseases. It has been 15 years since I returned to Nepal, but what I learnt is so useful even today. It has helped me immensely in what we are facing right now with COVID-19.”


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“I am sharing my knowledge and techniques with fashion and retail entrepreneurs in my network so that they can produce and supply quality fabric masks at a reasonable price,” Taslima says. “As a result, there will be an abundant supply of quality masks at a reasonable price, to help curb the spread of the pandemic

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If you had to write an inspiring story to describe your COVID-19 pandemic experience or any tips and tricks for coping with self-quarantine, what story would your share?

Are you involved in public budgeting, or expenditure accountability/transparency in Indonesia? Apply for the Public Financial Management for Better Policy Outcomes Short Term Award. Applications close on 6 September 2020.

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