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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 14:15
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Podcasts are great for taking a break from study or to listen to in place of music when you’re doing chores or travelling to uni. You can learn something new and answer questions you probably never thought about asking!

Delving into the plethora of podcasts to seek out those that might be of interest to students is a big task. Here’s a few of the more interesting, informative and thought provoking ones that help to make your student life more fun and enjoyable - you may even learn something along the way.

1. Background Briefing

Background Briefing is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) narrative journalism program where reporters undertaken investigations, uncovering hidden stories behind some of Australia’s most timely issues. You can download the ABC Listen app for this and many other ABC podcasts.

2. Radiolab

Published by WNYC, Radiolab is a podcast leads on scientific storytelling. Not familiar with science, then this will definitely spark your interest. And if you’re already into science it will explain more than you already know. It’s all about discovery and curiosity.

3. Dr Karl on TripleJ


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s Science Hour is one of youth radio station Triple J’s longest running segments. He’s one of Australia’s foremost science commentators but delivers his extensive knowledge in a light-hearted and charming manner explaining even the most obscure topics in simple language for those of us not so scientifically minded. You can hear Dr Karl at 11am on Triple J every Thursday.


4. Ollie Jay - The Heat is On


Since 2013 Australia has experience four of the five hottest years on record since 1901. The odds are 1.1 million to one. So if you’re yet to experience an Australia summer, then you need to listen to this podcast by Ollie Jay. He’s a Thermoregulatory Physiologist interested in the way the human body regulates body temperature. He talks about why the climate is changing and what you can do to beat the heat of an Australian summer.


5. TED Radio Hour

You’ve watched the Ted Talks videos online, well now Ted Radio Hour is 60 minutes of fascinating insight into a diverse array of themes from Ted Talks and takes on further investigation. Hosted by Guy Raz.

6. The Forum

The Forum features leading thinkers from various academic and artistic disciplines. Its format is what works. The 30-minute show features three people from difference areas of academia. For example, a historian, a scientist and an artist or an anthropologist, a mathematician and linguist. Each of the three people features on the 30-minute show where they talks about a topic in their field of expertise, then the others join in the discussion.

7. Stuff you Should Know

This podcast explores anything and everything about a range of subjects as broad as religion, to crime to history to the mundane! Stuff You Should Know is an American podcast hosted by Charles Bryant and Josh Clark and it’s a fascinating window into topics and issues you never really thought about but will spark your curiosity with its informative and entertaining way of explaining why things are and how they came to be.

8. Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is a legendary grammar podcast that will help you out with all the quirks of the English language from using abbreviations and acronyms to the difference between similar sounding words and how they’re used. It’s clearly explained and engaging and will most certainly help you with your academic writing.

9. Freedom

Freedom is a social media app blocker. This type of app is perfect to help you manage your time and to focus on your studies when you need to without the other online distractions. You can block websites, social media apps and even block the internet with one single click.

10. Conversations with Richard Fidler

In Conversations, Richard Fidler speaks to everyday Australians about their lives, their communities, touches on current affairs and often issues that you didn’t know about that you never thought you’d need to know! It’s a great introduction to Australian life and people and a great way to take an in-depth look at what’s in the news from an Australian perspective.

11. The Health Code

The Health Code podcast is run by two health and fitness fanatics Sarah Day and Kurt Tilse. It looks at health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and career, so there’s lots to listen to. The duo is very relatable and provide a range of tips and hacks for living a healthy life.

12. Stuff You Missed in History Class


If you’ve ever wondered about the history of things well this show goes one step further and chases the weird and wonderful of the world’s history. While it’s an American show, there’s snippets of history as diverse as Aussie bushrangers to conspiracies to natural disasters and more. Each tale will give you a fascinating insight into the history of just about anything and everything!


13. Hamish and Andy

If you haven’t heard of Hamish and Andy then their brand of comedy might just be what you need to learn about Australian humour, or maybe even have you wondering exactly what Australia human is about! One of Australia’s best known comedy duos, their podcast is a laugh a minute, sometimes downright silly but at least you’ll laugh and it might just help you come to grips with the Aussie sense of humour.


14. My Millennial Money

This podcast is about all things money for millennials! It examines the serious topic of money in a light-hearted way for the millennial generation. Hosted by Glen James and John Pidgeon, My Millennial Money is a mix of interviews with guests and a sometimes hilarious source of discussion around tips for managing your money and other financial ideas for the younger generation.


15. BBC Global News Podcast

The BBC’s Global News Podcast brings you news from home and around the world. It presents the day’s top news stories collated from BBC News and is delivered twice a day on weekdays and daily on the weekend.


And if these aren’t enough, then you’ll find a number of Australian universities record their own podcasts of interest for both Australian and international students. Listen and enjoy!