The joys of empowering Joy!

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A big congratulations to #AustraliaAwards alumna Limia Dewan - the winner of QUT #impactstories 2020 for her significant contribution in empowering students with disability in #Bangladesh.

Limia is a Senior Program Manager, Inclusiveness and Capacity Development Unit of BRAC Education Programme in Bangladesh. She attended Australia Awards Short Course on “Inclusive Education” at the Queensland University of Technology in 2016. Also, she became a member of Australia Awards Community of Practice on Inclusive Education that established during the Regional Alumni Workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2016.


The joys of empowering Joy! Congratulations, Limia Dewan of Bangladesh. Winner of #impactstories November 2020

"The short course I completed on inclusive education at QUT in 2016 was very influential in my career. When I returned to Bangladesh, I ensured that at least one vulnerable disabled child is enrolled in every school in the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee (BRAC). One prime example of the impact this has made was Joy, a profound visually impaired BRAC school student. I made sure that he had equitable education through the braille method. After Joy graduated at the BRAC primary school, I took it upon myself to do rigorous follow-up to support him in getting in a government secondary school with other non-disabled children. Joy participated with other children in activities as a Youth Advocate. Joy proved himself by participating in a few workshops during the Covid-19 period while maintaining social distancing. This was very difficult for Joy, yet very empowering as well. Joy has inspired many youths with his bright mind and immense talent. When I see that Joy is now empowered, independent and an avid traveller, it brings me great pride and joy. He is a resource for his family, not a burden."

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