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Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships offering the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia.

Australia Awards are a whole of Australian government initiative bringing together scholarships administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

Alumni News

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  • Bangladesh

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not just health workers who are helping their fellow citizens. Engineer and Australia Awards alumnus Mohammad Shahe Arefeen is playing a vital role in ensuring safe roads in remote areas in Bangladesh so that emergency supplies and services can reach the people who need them. Outside of his employment, he is also volunteering to assist low-income earners and marginalised groups affected by the pandemic.


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  • Nepal

In the first half of 2020, several Nepalese Australia Awards alumnae made notable development contributions by publishing significant research in the fields of gender equality and social inclusion, education, and empowerment of marginalised communities. Through articles in acclaimed international peer-reviewed journals and research project reports, these women are contributing to knowledge production in crucial areas of Nepal’s development agenda.


Alumni Stories

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  • Lao People's Democratic Republic

Anan Bouapha is an Australia Awards Fellowship recipient and a founder of Proud to be us Laos, the first LGBTQI group in Laos. Anan is one the leading voices in Laos advocating for the rights of LGBTQI individuals. His inspiring work tackles various cultural, legal and normative barriers facing the Lao LGBTQI community and helps create the conditions for more inclusive and sustainable development of the Lao PDR.

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  • Mongolia

Mr Khishigt Tamir, an Australia Awards alumnus, was featured as ‘Winds of change’ in the alumni news section of Murdoch University website. After his return from Australia, Mr Tamir worked on the Salkhit wind farm, the first ever grid-connected utility sized wind farm in Mongolia and he subsequently worked on establishing the Tsetsii wind farm in the Gobi desert. Read more on Khishigt's story here

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  • Indonesia

At the Komodo Regional General Hospital, COVID-19 Surveillance Coordinator and Australia Awards alumna Aloysia Juniarti Ritassi and her team are working hard to ensure data is captured accurately daily.

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  • Indonesia

A team from the Faculties of Engineering and Dentistry at Universitas Hasanuddin in Makassar, South Sulawesi, led by Dr Muh Anshar, designed a device that helps dentists remove potentially hazardous aerosols and improves workplace safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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