Gabrielle Hill: NCP Mobility experience to Indonesia

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 15:00
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Gabrielle Hill is a mature-aged Bachelor of Laws student at Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory. She is also a proud Indigenous Palawa woman, and in 2017 joined the New Colombo Plan Alumni community after she undertook a Mobility Program in Indonesia.

Gabrielle Hill, a Charles Darwin University law student has a strong belief in universal human rights and a passion for assisting victims of crime. She was instantly motivated to apply for a New Colombo Plan Mobility Program to Indonesia in 2017, part of her university’s Transnational Organised Crime study tour.

On a personal level, the opportunity for Gabrielle to act as a representative for Australia overseas was important, as she was the first Indigenous Australian student from her university to participate in an NCP program.

The NCP Mobility program offered Gabrielle the chance to broaden her skills and knowledge of Indonesian law and culture. It also provided an opportunity for her to share her cultural background in the Indo-Pacific and act as a leader for Indigenous students to follow in her footsteps. 

“I was very humbled to be able to explain my culture to the students, lecturers and people we met along the way. Our Dreamtime, our ancestry and history.” - Gabrielle Hill

A short-term NCP Mobility Program was a perfect opportunity for Gabrielle, who balances her university studies with family commitments. Gabrielle said that she would never have considered studying overseas without the New Colombo Plan. The experience of studying at another tertiary institution meant that Gabrielle expanded her professional networks and formed new friendships with her classmates and study partners.  

“It is these professional and personal networks formed on the New Colombo Plan which are ensuring that the relationship between Australia and Indonesia in an education capacity is closer than ever. We have many similarities and yet many differences that benefit our region through cross cultural, economic and educational pursuits.” - Gabrielle Hill

Like many of the more than 20,000 Australians who now comprise the New Colombo Plan alumni community, Gabrielle’s experience in the Indo-Pacific was instrumental in influencing her career and academic trajectory upon return to Australia.  

“After graduation I plan on returning to Indonesia to engage in either volunteer or paid work or scholarship experiences with organisations that provide legal outreach programs. I am also a qualified youth worker, Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island primary health care worker and journalist in my university student magazine. I would like to combine all these skills to assist in any way I can, especially for those in remote or disadvantaged situations.” - Gabrielle Hill

Gabrielle is a strong advocate for the New Colombo Plan and is passionate about ensuring that Indigenous Australian students take advantage of the opportunities granted via the NCP.

“The NCP has brought new perspective to my life. I would never have considered studying Indonesian, nor would I have ever considered wanting to work, travel or learn about my host country. This could not have been achieved without the NCP and it is a MUST on any student’s list for a full and well-rounded education and life experience.” - Gabrielle Hill