Tantely Andriamaharo Ny Aina: Creating Sustainable Ocean Governance, Through Community Networks

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Tantely Andriamaharo Ny Aina has continuously developed his professional training through the Australia Awards – Africa. He is currently completing a Master of Maritime degree and previously completed a short course in Ocean Governance through the programme.

The skills that he gained from his Ocean Governance studies contributed to the enhancing of ocean governance and regulation in the region. He acquired a deep knowledge of the International Law of the Sea, which he has been able to apply to a wide range of cases.

As an Alumni, Tantely became part of an active network of professionals and leaders on the African continent. He was supported in his country’s national development through activities that related to his studies. Upon returning to his country, Tantely contributed to fisheries and maritime development. Madagascar needs strong regulation and management for ocean governance and the sustainable use of resources from the ocean. His newly acquired skills and knowledge helped to value in these sectors.


Through a newly created unit, within the public administration department, Tantely made an ongoing impact. The multi-sector unit linked all the countries in South West Indian Ocean in sharing information on the sustainable use of the sea and the mitigation of illegal activities on the sea. Public servants, from different government departments, were involved in the unit. Different activities from the departments of health, national defence, mining, fisheries, and the environment were leveraged.


Tantely’s role entailed planning and organising activities related to the project. He coordinated the project in a manner that ensured it derived a positive outcome. He could share his knowledge in the field with other team members and facilitate everyone’s involvement in the project, thus strengthening the efforts of the group. He ensured that all tasks related to the project, were completed within their required time frame and that problems that occurred, were resolved as soon as possible.


The impact of the activity, that he was involved in, was the ability to take advantage of activities and resources that depend on the sea. Such as the transportation of good and fishery activities. Madagascar is an island, and its ability to create sustainable industries form the ocean is vital for all its citizens and its economy. A direct benefit was provided to communities of fishermen and the Department of Fisheries which worked with the unit. They were taught the significance of good ocean governance through booklets, training and local community meetings. Through these, gained valuable information on ocean governance. These fishermen have also shared the information, within their broader communities. This enabled a multiplier effect and the ability for Tantely to share knowledge that he had gained during his Australian studies.