Policing in the Maldives

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 12:30
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How a degree in Development Studies is making change in the Maldives police service.

Aishath Neelam Rasheed (Nee) completed a Master of Development Studies at the University of Melbourne in December 2016. Back at home now and working as a lecturer at the Institute of Security and Law Enforcement Studies College for the Maldives Police Service, Nee develops educational programs for police officers. She teaches psychological wellbeing, sociology, anger and stress management, and communication skills. Nee speaks highly of her time in Australia, saying the academic skills learnt have made her more proficient and equipped to deal with all aspects of her job, from writing technical reports and assessing law enforcement trends, to embedding gender awareness in the police service. But it’s not just about the academic and research skills: ‘…studying in Australia has allowed me to broaden the horizon of my knowledge in the social world and it has allowed me to observe problems using wider social perspectives.’ And the skills Nee has gained are being passed on and making a difference: ‘I believe that spending two years at the University of Melbourne has allowed me to grow as a person academically and personally…it has also given me the confidence and expertise that I utilise every day to make the life of my students better’.

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