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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students seeking a world-class education experience - and Australia has alumni from every corner of the globe.

More than 2.5 million international students have studied in Australia over the last fifty years. Over 80,000 alumni received Australian Government scholarships and fellowships from the Colombo Plan in the 1950s through to the Australia Awards and the New Colombo Plan today.

The Government has developed an Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy to reach out to the global alumni community, inviting alumni to connect and engage with Australia and the region.

What is the Australia Global Alumni website?

The Australia Global Alumni website is a virtual global network to connect, build and invigorate the international community of scholars who have studied in Australia, and Australians who have studied overseas.

This website supports alumni to continue building on educational and cultural experiences. It provides the opportunity to participate in ongoing personal and professional development and to network with other alumni.

The website includes content of general interest to alumni such as news articles, public events and alumni stories. These come from a range of sources, including the Australian Government, academic institutions, industry experts, businesses and alumni themselves.

An online community of practice for alumni practitioners

The Australia Global Alumni website is also home to the Practitioner Hub, an exclusive virtual community for practitioners in alumni engagement – such as Australian education institutions, alumni associations, state and federal government agencies and professional bodies.

View more about the Practitioner Hub here.

Australia Global Alumni Social Media Communities

Australia Global Alumni also offers opportunities to connect with the global community of members through social media channels.

Share your professional knowledge and insights with your peers around the world. Use these communities as collaborative platforms to research, create and innovate with your fellow-alumni.

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